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Investors in offshore hedge funds are comprised of non-U.S. individuals and institutions as well as U.S. tax-exempt institutions. Institutional investors include entities such as pension funds, endowments, foundations, and other pools of capital whose assets are managed by a group of fiduciaries. Since offshore funds operate on the assumption that the assets they accept are not subject to taxes in the investor’s home jurisdiction, they have no obligation to compile the information needed for an investor to calculate and pay taxes. This means that for practical purposes, U.S. taxable investors are prevented from participating directly in offshore funds, because although they would be legally obligated to report and pay tax on any taxable income earned in the fund, their fund manager would be unlikely to supply them with the relevant information.

QuantumfundFX does offer reporting for Non-U.S. investors upon request. Quantum only accepts accounts on a referral basis. There is no sales floor and no cold calling done under any circumstance. Accounts trade their own money at their own risk. It is customer’s responsibility if a trade makes or loses money. Quantum advisors merely offer advice on when to trade certain markets. The fund is not required to register in any country with which it does not operate. All customers are hereby soliciting QuantumFundFX to facilitate their offshore trading and not vice versa. If you feel you have been contacted by a representative by mistake and do not have a previous relationship please contact the management team immediately.